BIrdtown and Swanville
Aurora Stewart de Peňa
Nika Mistruzzi
Jon Blair, William Ellis, Cara Gee, Donna Maloney, Naomi Skwarna, Norman Yeung
Sofia Bohdanowicz, Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea, Vanessa Fischer, Allie Marshall, Kristina McNamee, Alia O’Brien, James Vanderklein, Andrew Zukerman
Mark Aikman

October 15-23
At The Theatre Centre
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New VR projection video for Bruce Haack's "Super Nova" (1970). The video was made in collabortion with Winston Hacking for the occassion of the reissue of Electric Lucifer on Telephone Explosion Records. VR Specialist was Brett Long






Thurs. 09/08, 10pm / $8 
Montreal, QC @ Brasserie Beaubien
w/ Bromp Treb, IKEA [2] & Urlapse

Fri. 09/09, 9pm / $8 
Toronto, ON @ Double Double Land
w/ Bromp Treb, Julia Male & Emily Law, BJ Rubin Screening & DJ Twig Turnbull

Sat. 09/10, 12pm / $10
Hamilton, ON @ Strange Barnyard (164 MacNab St N, backyard)
w/ Bromp Treb, Fresh Flesh, Mutt, Dreamy, Thrum & Hunting Rituals

Sun. 09/11, 8pm / $5-$10
Pittsburgh, PA @ Future Babyland
w/ Bromp Treb, Michael Johnsen, Stephen Boyle & DJ Marcus Brathwaite

Mon. 09/12, 9pm / $7
Philadelphia, PA @ The Vat
w/ Bromp Treb, more TBA

Tues. 09/13
Annondale-On-Hudson, NY @ TBA
w/ Bromp Treb

Wed. 09/14, 8:31pm / $5 - $10  
Greenfield, MA @ John Doe Jr. 
w/ Bromp Treb, Hypnagogia & Pussyvision


I / II / III / IV / V

Selected Arbitrary Works I - V is the first of two cycles of albums. The contents of each album is sourced entirely from archival material dating from 2006-2016 from two hard drives. Between these years no effective naming convention of the files was introduced, therefore the contents of said files were unknown. All sounds and combinations thereof were selected arbitrarily and arranged visually in a basic wave-editing program. Additionally, throughout this process, the master volume of the program was muted so that no sounds could be heard. The pieces could not be previewed until they were deemed finished. There was no rule as to when or if each piece was finished - they simply looked finished to me. Once the work was complete  there could be no alterations, exclusions or mastering. What is presented here on these 3 cassettes is the result, for better or for worse, of this exercise.  

Edition of 15 includes the first 5 albums on 3 cassettes housed in a handpainted box with inserts. To purchase


Collage O'Clock

Collage O'Clock is a book of new visual work published by Swimmer's Group. The book consists of 66 pages of collages made in early 2016 - all originally assembled in a repurposed book on psychic phenomena. This fact has no bearing on the content within which is, as always, completely meaningless. Copies can be acquired here